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Hello and welcome to my homepage. I am currently a freshman Computer Science major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. This website is my electronic portfolio highlighting work that I have done related to my major, and other fields of interest. This site also contains my current resume and a powerpoint slideshow of my current accomplishments. The objective of this webpage is to establish my presence into the ever-growing online community and to perhaps assist in the securement of a job within the field of Computer Science.

About My Major

My current major is Computer Science which is basically the development of high-level applications using high-level programming languages and techniques. Possible jobs in the field of Computer Science, include, software development and video game design. I chose this major becuase I am very interested in high-level computing. I really enjoy sitting in front of a computer and designing a useful program using a complicated programming language.

Hobbies & Interest

My hobbies include frequent fishing and camping, playing pool, bowling, hiking, reading, playing video games, and just hanging out with my friends. My current interests include computer programming, Quantum physics (particularly Quantum effects on black holes), researching my family history and geneology, history, and astronomy.

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