Graduate Schools

Image Map of Various Graduate Schools

This page contains information on Graduate schools that I am considering attending after I have obtained my Bachelor's Degree from Rowan University. To the right is an image map power by, which contains links to many prominent Graduates schools from all over the country.

   California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

Caltech is a very prestigious graduate institution, with an excellent Ph.D program in Computer Science. The Computer Science Department's current research in the design of high-performance and low power asynchronous digital circuits; as well as, its research in the Theory of Computation is world reknown. Furthermore, Caltech is located in beautiful Pasadena, California. After graduation, this institution would be the most likely place that I would want to do my graduate work
in Computer Science.

Current Tution: $22,000
Class Size (enrolled in Graduate Program): 1,000

   Brandeis University - The Rabb School

Brandeis University

Brandeis University, a private research institution, located in Waltham, MA was established in 1948 and has become one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. The Rabb School at Brandeis has extensive programs in software engineering, bioinformatics and creating content for the Web, and it offers a Masters of Software Engineering (M.S.E.).The Master of Software Engineering Program provides students with advanced knowledge of current applications of software engineering. The core curriculum covers modern programming languages; study of general software development methodologies; and study of project management techniques suitable for managing large-scale software development projects.

Current Tution: $26,231
Class Size (enrolled in Graduate Program): 1,250

   Cornell University - The Graduate School

Cornell Graduate School

Cornell University offers a very extensive and prestigous graduate program in Computer Science. The Graduate School currently offers a Masters of Science and a Ph.D in the field of Computer Science. Furthermore, admission into the major at graduate level is incredibly competitive, and current faculty research in multimedia, high-performance networking, and distributed computing is impressive. Although, the Computer Science programs are very impressive, what really caught my eye for Cornell is that it is located in beautiful Ithaca, New York.

Current Tution: $29,200
Class Size (enrolled in Graduate Program): 5,600

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